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– Dr. Derrick Dempsey, Cellular Detoxification Coach

Health Coaching With Dr. Derrick Dempsey

Let Go of Conventional Wisdom and Healing Yourself Naturally

  • Declining health of our nation and a dramatic increase in Auto-immune, Thyroid, Diabetes & Obesity.
  • Misinformation and Disinformation about what truly causes out underlying illnesses and pain.
  • Conventional Medicine too many times treats and masks symptoms vs focusing on the underlying cause.


The 5 R’s of Cellular Healing


Remove the source - remove the source of your symptoms vs. treating symptoms or masking them.


Regenerate cell membrane - Toxic cell membranes result in poor functioning receptors, which is the main cause of all hormone related disorders.


Restore cellular energy - a lack of cellular energy is the root cause of many metabolic disorders.


Reduce inflammation - a natural byproduct of a working cell is inflammation and oxidation.


Reestablish methylation - the key epigenetic protective mechanism our bodies use to protect us from serious illness.

Health Conditions, Specialized Testing & Cellular Healing

Specialized Testing

Specialized testing determines what is going on at a cellular level. We provide testing for: biotoxins, food allergies, weight loss resistance, micronutrients, heavy metals, and thyroid.

Cellular Healing

Toxins must be removed deep within the body at the cell level for the human body to heal naturally and our gene health to be expressed properly. Learn more about the 5 R's of cellular healing.

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