Weight-loss Resistance

Doctor I exercise 5 times a week, eat a good diet and I still can’t lose this weight. Sound familiar. Read on.

Of the 65 percent of the population who is overweight, there is a group of people who are weight loss resistant. These people find it difficult to lose weight despite a proper diet and exercise. Our goal is to look at the underlying causes of chronic issues like weight loss resistance. As with any chronic condition, weight loss resistance is multi-factorial, having many pieces to the puzzle.

Our Western diet, filled with refined grains, sugar, bad fats (canola oil, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil) and environmental toxins, causes what science terms, systemic cellular inflammation. This systemic inflammation can affect certain cells of your brain — which can lead to leptin resistance. Leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells, is supposed to tell your brain to burn fat for energy and to tell your body when it is full. With leptin resistance, the brain doesn’t get the message and therefore, despite a proper diet and exercise a person cannot lose weight.

How does sugar and damaged fats contribute to the weight-loss resistance?

Our body is comprised of over 70 trillion cells. The membrane of these cells is made up of two layers of fat and is called a lipid bi-layer. Sugar is an anti-nutrient that causes inflammation at the cellular level inflaming the lipid bi-layer. In addition, when we consume bad fats in our diet they too contribute to this inflammatory process.

Bad fats, like partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, are so highly processed they are literally one molecule away from plastic and as a result the body has no idea what to do with them. Because fat has an affinity for fat these bad fats will accumulate on the lipid bilayer causing more inflammation and damaging hormone receptors to point where many of them die or become blunted. This prevents the cell from hearing many of the hormones that are associated with weight-loss, including leptin. At this point the cell does not function properly, and you begin to experience symptoms of difficult weight-loss.

Need Testing?

We offer specialized testing for weight loss resistance.

How can toxicity contribute to my weight-loss problem?

Not only do our fat cells provide fuel for our bodies, but they also act as a storage center. Fat cells are used to store toxins that we come into contact with. Our bodies are bombarded with thousands of toxic chemicals, pesticides, preservative, and even heavy metals on a daily basis. They are contained in the foods we are eating, the water we are drinking, and in the air we are breathing. When faced with this toxic overload the body must activate back up strategies which include expanding the number of fat cells and filling them with toxins as well as fat. This is likely done to get the toxic debris out of your circulation and away from vital organs. It causes easy weight gain and complicates weight loss because your body does not easily give up the toxic fat it has stored.

In addition, toxins also have an affinity for the lipid bi-layer of the cell. They too will accumulate there furthering the problem of systemic cellular inflammation. In most cases, a natural and welcomed side effect of a good detoxification program is weight-loss. Once the fat cells are able to rid themselves of the toxic load the body can then begin to let go of the excess fat it has been hanging on to. With that being said, in order for true detoxification to take place it must occur at the cellular level. This cannot be accomplished by doing a simple colon cleanse or “detox in the box”.

How do I get help?

Our coaching programs are designed to address the toxicity your body has been accumulating at the cellular level for decades.

There is an underlying cause of why you cannot lose weight. In our office we run special testing to determine if you are experiencing cellular inflammation that is contributing to your weight-loss resistance. We also evaluate your nutritional habits, exercise, and toxic load.

Weight-loss is not a game of calories in vs. calories out. The quality of nutrients is much more important than the number of calories you are consuming.

We empower our clients with the knowledge and understanding they need to begin to utilize the best sources of fuel for their bodies, and the best exercises that burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time. In addition, at your consultation you will receive testing that will indicate if toxicity is an issue and an underlying cause of your inability to lose weight.

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